Gut health is beginning to take center stage as a key area that needs to be managed to ensure overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, monitoring and optimizing gut health is expensive and requires a high level of personalization. This presents a challenge for companies offering universal applications for health, wellness, fitness and dietary monitoring and advice.

Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate Carbiotix subscription services into your existing application, allowing your customers to access key dietary advice, as well as monitor and optimize their gut health.


  • Flexible service for providers of health and wellness apps, as well as dietary advice and recipes for a healthier lifestyle
  • Choose the level of integration, from only the presentation of gut health data and dietary advice to full emersion in your service offering
  • Add value to your current services by including soluble fiber dietary advice and an ability to monitor gut health in real-time along-side other bio-metrics
  • Gain access to regular updates of gut health data analytics and recommendations
  • Build stronger brand loyalty with your customers by offering a more complete service that covers all aspects of health and wellness