Carbiotix has screened the market for the best available soluble fibers for its personalized sachets. Currently, we are using Arabinogalactan sourced from the US as our starting soluble fiber. This fiber performed the best with regards to stimulating the production of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria (good bacteria), production of key short chain fatty acids, the length of fermentation time and the smallest likelihood of causing discomfort. Arabinogalactan is currently one of the most expensive soluble fibers on the market and for a good reason.
Yes, all soluble fiber ingredients we use are approved by the regulatory authorities in the US and Europe, typically the gold standard for food ingredients. In the case of Arabinogalactan, it currently holds FDA No Objection and EFSA Novel Foods status for use as a functional ingredient in dietary supplement applications. Moreover, it is manufactured in a GMP audit facility and according to HACCP principles.
Carbiotix soluble fiber sachets are packaged in Sweden at a site that is KRAV-certified and BRC Food-Safety approved.
No, Carbiotix personalized soluble fiber supplements contain no allergens or GMOs. This has been confirmed by both the supplier of the raw materials and the packaging facility. Our products are also Kosher certified.
As is it always better to be on the safe side, we do provide warnings to individuals suffering from certain medical conditions to be aware of the risks of consuming soluble fibers. We do not recommend using soluble fibers if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Soluble fibers may also cause the immune system to become more active and increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. Moreover, soluble fibers may increase the risk of organ transplant rejection..
Carbiotix personalized soluble fiber supplements and gut microbiome kits should be stored in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight, and away from small children.
We generally recommend that you follow the dosing schedule found on the backside of each fiber sachet box/container. Thus, you should take your fiber sachet every day. If you for whatever reason are unable to follow the schedule and miss one or several days, don’t worry pick up where you left off.
As a starting point and to simplify the personalization of each individuals’ soluble fiber supplement, Carbiotix begins with modifying the dosing of soluble fiber. Overtime and as Carbiotix gets a better understanding of your specific needs, soluble fiber composition and other supplements will be used to elevate the level of personalization.
All customers start with a low dose when they begin a subscription. This is done to limit the possibility of discomfort as well as to get a better understanding of how your Fiber Loving Bacteria react to controlled dose increases.
Carbiotix has standardized doses in 5g units. Single doses are up 5g, double doses are between 5g and 10g, and triple doses are between 10g and 15g. Double and triple doses will incur extra subscription costs that users need to approve.
No, since everyone has a unique microbiome, all people will react differently to the soluble fiber. The only way to see how you will react is to try the fiber and send in your microbiome sample.
All information regarding the personalized soluble fiber supplement can be found on the back of each sachet and on the back of the sachet box delivered every two weeks. The back of the sachet box/container includes information about the owner, dosing period, dosing amount, nutrition information, and importation information related to storage, recommendations and product warnings.
Yes, if you are a first-time user, having mixing problems is quite normal. Please refer to the back of the leaflet provided with every sachet box for tips on how to consume the fiber sachets..
Yes, if you are a first-time user or have not taken a soluble fiber supplement for some time, experiencing gas, bloating and/or slight abdominal pain is quite normal. If this happens, half the recommended daily dose until the discomfort disappears. If any discomfort persists beyond 30 days, discontinue the dosing and consider continuing with only the microbiome analysis service.
Yes, if you are a first-time user or have not taken a soluble fiber supplement for some time, experiencing a change in your bowl movement is quite normal due to increased fecal bulk and increased metabolic activity of FLB.
No, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or other medical condition, nor provide information about the risk of developing a disease or medical condition in the future. This product is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment, and should never be used as the basis for such. Please consult a physician or health care provider about any health issues and before making any changes to your current care.
The daily recommended dose of fiber (RI) specified on the nutrition information does not reflect the recommended daily intake of soluble fiber. It represents both soluble and insoluble fiber together. Since Carbiotix fiber is a soluble fiber and soluble fiber should be ¼ of the total fiber we are confident that we will fill the gap of soluble fiber lacking from your diet.
Fiber can be either soluble or insoluble in water. In a most diets fiber is mostly insoluble with minor amounts of soluble fiber. Carbiotix is using a completely soluble fiber that is easily consumed with any liquid and is readily fermented by the intestinal bacteria increasing the number of FLB.