Personal information as defined by the Terms of Service is information that can be used to identify each customer. This includes Registration Information (name, email etc..), Self-Reported Information (health, diet etc…) and Microbiome Information (information generated from each customers microbiome sample).
The Current Status survey is intended to provide Carbiotix with further information regarding each customers current state of health, diet and lifestyle, in order to assist with the personalization of soluble fiber supplements as well as research and development activities.
No, the personal information as defined by the Terms of Service is not shared. Only when given authorization by a customer or under circumstances defined in the Terms of Service can personal information be shared.
In line with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, Aggregated Microbiome and Self-Reported Information is kept anonymous. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more information.
No, Carbiotix does not analyze or store the DNA of our customers. We focus solely on analyzing your microbiome DNA.
Yes, after analysis, the microbiome DNA of each customer is anonymized and kept in a biobank for at least 12 months and up to 10 years. This anonymized microbiome DNA may be used in research and development activities. If a customer wishes not to have their microbiome DNA anonymized and stored, they can request this in line with the Carbiotix Privacy Policy.
To ensure privacy, Carbiotix has adopted the structures, routines and systems required in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe (one gold standard for data protection). This requires that all personal information is kept anonymous and encrypted.
When you approve to subscribe to Carbiotix you accept the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy explains how information about you or associated with you is collected, used and disclosed by Carbiotix.