A monthly LoveGut subscription includes one gut microbiome sample kit and return envelope, and access to personalized dietary advice. A monthly PersonalGut subscription includes 30 personalized soluble fiber sachets (sent in boxes of 15 sachets), a gut microbiome sample kit and return envelope, and generic/personalized dietary advice. Both subscriptions allow you monitor your gut health every month according to our Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index. Please also remember that you need your own mobile/cell phone with SMS capabilities to subscribe.
The cost of a monthly subscription is 198 SEK, 19 Euros or 19 USD for LoveGut, and 498 SEK, 49 Euros or 55 USD for PersonalGut, excluding the cost of shipping and applicable customs fees and local taxes in countries and territories outside of the EU.
Yes, we offer discounts however only on an invitation basis. You are welcome to contact us to see if you are eligible for a discount.
The subscription start date is the planned start date of your subscription. The date is set based on Carbiotix ability to process your subscription. This is in turn based on the level of demand and number of new subscribers.
Yes, you are able to see your billing history in the My account section under Billing History when logged in to carbiotix.com
The Carbiotix solution is less expensive than similar products and services due to that we built the architecture of the entire service with a broad consumer base in mind, from the bottom up. To achieve the most affordable solution, we focused on streamlining all elements in our supply chain, assembly process and lab analysis activities, without compromising quality along the way. This attention to detail will allow us to further reduce our subscription prices as the number of subscribers grows.
Yes, you can update or cancel your subscription in the My account section at anytime before your billing date. Please note that cancelled subscriptions will be treated as new subscriptions with regards to your Calendar if you decide to re-subscribe at a later date..
If you have cancelled your subscription and wish to reactivate it, simply log into your account on carbiotix.com, click on My Account and approve your subscription under Subscription and Approval. You will be bound by the same Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.