HealthGut™ is a service that allows providers of health and wellness apps to improve engagement, retention and the overall customer experience by offering cost-effective gut health tracking services.


What you get

  • A no-cost seamless extension of your app where customers can sign-up and track their gut health, with the option of presenting all results on the app through an API
  • A platform to see anonymous customer gut health data and other demographic information shared by your customers


  • Demonstrates a commitment to gut health and the emerging microbiome area
  • Helps improve the customization of recommendations by leveraging anonymous gut health data shared by customers
  • Regular monitoring educates customers allowing them to see the impact of dietary and lifestyle recommendations on their gut health
  • Helps improve customer engagement and retention through a gut health tracking service that brings science to gut health recommendations
  • Ability to earn money on each kit sold as means to cover related costs, thus making the service a net profit generator