There is a growing interest in the importance of gut health in society, as well as a clear need to personalize gut health solutions based on individual needs. This presents a particular challenge for food & beverage companies with established production and distribution systems.

LinkGut is a free service that allows you to gain access to your customer’s gut health data for improved formulations and build brand loyalty, as well as personalize products for each customer.

The LinkGut service consists of two key components:

  • Linking existing in-store/on-line products with anonymous consumer gut microbiome data via QR codes and/or url
  • A platform to profile existing and new fiber rich products to consumers based on individual needs via a dietary advice tool


  • Demonstrates and reinforces a commitment to gut health and the microbiome area
  • Helps build brand loyalty via consumers voluntarily providing anonymous gut health data with the expectation that products will be better formulated
  • Helps with the formulation of better products utilizing real-time gut health data and key demographic information from actual customers
  • Assists with the promotion of existing and new fiber rich products, allowing consumers to find the best product fit and personalize their dose based on actual soluble fiber needs (ie. mass personalization)
  • Regular monitoring allows consumers to see the impact of a company’s products on their gut health