It is the belief of Carbiotix that activity within the gut microbiome is more important than the presence of specific bacteria species. As such, the company is focused on engineering microbiome modulators (proprietary second-generation soluble fibres, isolated bacterial strains and novel delivery mechanisms) to restore and optimise gut microbiome metabolic processes and thereby obtain a desired effect through an improved metabolic profile.

The microbiome modulators are designed to promote carbohydrate fermentation and the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) or healthy metabolites, and limit protein fermentation and the production of harmful metabolites such NH3, amines and phenolics. The SCFAs provide energy for colonocytes, intestinal motility, nutrient absorption, colonic pH maintenance, immune enhancement and have an antineoplastic property.


CARBI-AXOS is Carbiotix propriety second generation prebiotic soluble fibre produced from corn bran in an efficient and environmentally friendly chemical and enzymatic process. The product is a food-grade, non-GMO and gluten free prebiotic suitable for the fortification of a range of food & beverage and supplement products at low cost. CARBI-AXOS provides a high bifidogenic effect and the production of key Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs), thus contributes to improved overall gut health. The product also ferments very slowly and thus has a high tolerance and contributes to limited discomfort. Please contact us today to learn more about CARBI-AXOS and receive product samples for testing, formulation work, studies and collaborative development.


Medical Foods

CARBI-AXOS-MF is Carbiotix medical food and is based on a pure form of CARBI-AXOS however is manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards. The product is intended to be used as a co-intervention with pharmaceutical prodrugs that are at market or under development to improve general pharmacokinetics, and thus will assist with the management of a disease. Carbiotix is aggressively pursuing and soliciting opportunities across multiple disease areas to carry out co-intervention studies. Please contact us today to learn more about CARBI-AXOS-MF and receive product samples for testing, studies or collaborative development.


Carbiotix is also developing therapeutic candidates based CARBI-AXOS-MF in the same disease areas where the company offers medical food co-interventions. These therapeutic candidates are unique synbiotic formulations that un-lock metabolic processes to elevate the production of SCFAs. Carbiotix therapeutic candidates are also intended to be used as co-interventions with other pharmaceutical prodrugs at market or under development with the aim of increasing efficacy, however focused on the treatment of a disease. Please contact us today to learn more about our therapeutic candidates and explore potential collaboration opportunities.