Carbiotix launches cost-effective service to study gut health

Oct 26, 2018

Carbiotix, an award-winning personalized nutrition company focused on consumer gut health solutions and microbiome therapeutics, has launched StudyGut, a new cost-effective service to study the long-term impacts of new and existing active ingredients on the gut health of large populations.

"The launch of the StudyGut service is a direct result of our own development activities and a planned study of 600 participants across four indications to start in November of 2018. After only two weeks of recruiting, close to 4,000 individuals applied to our study, which suggests the platform is very effective and could be used by others to recruit study subjects and carry out explorative studies", says CEO Kristofer Cook.

"Based on discussions with different ingredient companies, we believe that there is a demand for an end-to-end service for carrying out explorative gut health studies of new or existing active ingredients across large populations, under real-life conditions and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional pre-clinical and clinical studies. Validating active ingredient efficacy as early as possible under real-life conditions is a very cost effective screening method given the cost of downstream clinical studies", says CTO Peter Falck.

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