Launch of free gut health test will bring regular microbiome testing to the masses

Apr 25, 2018

Launch of free gut health test will allow people to assess the health of their gut microbiome before exploring and tracking the impact of dietary and lifestyle changes

Carbiotix, the personalized nutrition and microbiome company focused on simple, affordable and effect gut health solutions, today announced that it will offer a free gut microbiome test to people who subscribe to its LoveGutTMgut health tracking service.

“To mark both our recent advancement from beta to a commercial expansion phase and the first major update of our Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index used to measure gut health, we will offer a free microbiome test for the first month to those who subscribe to our LoveGut™ gut health tracking service. Thereafter, if a customer wishes to continue, the cost will be $19 or €19 per month,” says Carbiotix CEO, Kristofer Cook. “We are confident that when people experience the service and see that they can actually track changes in their gut health every month, they will continue to use the service given its affordability relative to other offerings on the market.”

As interest in gut health continues to grow and correlative evidence linking good gut health with a reduced risk of developing many metabolic and chronic diseases becomes stronger, people will be looking for affordable gut health solutions that allow them to track and optimize their gut health. LoveGut™ is the first affordable gut health test that allows people to follow the level and stability of their gut health, and actually see what dietary and lifestyle changes have a real impact on their gut microbiome. This is a first critical step to optimizing gut health.

“Since the launch of our PersonalGut™ personalized soluble fiber supplement in December, and LoveGut™ affordable gut microbiome test in March, we have had a steady stream of new customers subscribe to both products and services. This has allowed us to gain valuable insights into the gut health of many people from around the world and see how each person reacts to changes in their diet, especially soluble fiber consumption. This collective knowledge has allowed us to update our Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index to version 1.1 and more accurately measure each customers’ gut health,” says Cook. “We have moreover received further confirmation of our earlier assumptions that each customers’ gut microbiome is unique and constantly changing, and that monthly gut microbiome testing is an absolute necessity in order to properly track and understand these changes, and truly grasp the impact of sampling error and outliers on personal gut health data.”

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