LoveGut affordable monthly gut health test launches

Mar 23, 2018

LoveGut™ the affordable gut microbiome home test revealed last month at Probiota in Barcelona was launched at the Future Food-Tech summit in San Francisco. With more than 80% of adults in the western world not consuming enough fiber and 20% suffering from gastrointestinal issues, interest in gut health issues continues to grow. Unfortunately, tracking gut health on a monthly basis has not been an affordable reality for the majority of people. This now changes with the LoveGut™ monthly subscription service starting at $9.

Numerous studies show the health benefits that accrue from a choice collection of bacteria in the colon—dubbed "fiber loving bacteria"—that normally grow in response to dietary fiber, producing beneficial short-chain fatty acids. LoveGut™ provides an easy-to-understand index of these bacteria, giving consumers an affordable method of tracking how many they have and their stability over time, as well as allowing them to adjust their diets and lifestyle choices based on the results.

Home microbiome tests have been on the market for about five years and currently range in price from $80 to over $300 per sample. As scientific evidence for the importance of the gut microbiome in overall health continues to accumulate, consumers interested in gut microbiome testing have largely been deterred by high prices, variable and unreliable results, and a lack of clarity about what the results mean. Furthermore, scientists maintain that a one-time ‘snapshot’ of all gut bacteria reveals very little about gut health. But by tracking the rise and fall of the fiber loving bacteria associated with gut health, the Carbiotix test offers an affordable and reliable index for monitoring personalized gut microbiome changes over time, with the ultimate goal of achieving a high and stable fiber loving bacteria index for each individual, which turns out to be a very good measure of gut health.

"When someone makes a dietary change—whether it's eating more vegetables or starting a prebiotic or probiotic supplement—they previously had no practical option for finding out the immediate effects on their body,” says Carbiotix CEO, Kristofer Cook. “Now consumers can see for themselves how a change in their intake of fiber for example is affecting their fiber loving bacteria, with possible implications for their health."

The cutting-edge technology used by Carbiotix is a patent pending methodology developed through the department of biotechnology at Lund University, Sweden; validation of the identified biomarkers for gut health is currently underway by the US-based Zymo Research, a leader in tools used for DNA and RNA research and analysis. To achieve the low cost of the testing service, Carbiotix uses in-house laboratory resources and optimizes all aspects of the supply chain, kit assembly, logistics, and laboratory analysis. Customers can sign up and access their results by visiting

The launch of the stand-alone LoveGut™ service follows the recent launch of PersonalGut™, the world’s first personalized soluble fiber supplement for gut health optimization.

The LoveGut™ home gut microbiome test service is available at

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