Personalized dietary advice could make “food as medicine” a reality

May 23, 2018

Personalized dietary advice based on monthly gut health tests will inform people exactly how much soluble fiber they need every day to optimize their gut health

Carbiotix, an award-winning spin-off company from the department of biotechnology at Lund University, Sweden focused on optimizing gut health via personalized prebiotics, today announced that it will offer free personalized dietary advice with its LoveGut™ gut microbiome test subscription service, informing customers exactly how much soluble fiber they need to consume every day to optimize their gut health.

“Adding free personalized dietary advice to our LoveGut™ service means that we now have two very clear solutions to help our customers optimize their gut health. Customers can choose between optimizing their gut health via personalized dietary advice or a personalized soluble fiber supplement with our PersonalGutTM subscription service. The advantage of LoveGut™ is that customers can now use food as a means to optimize gut health or potentially “food as medicine” at a cost and level of precision never before made available. The advantage of PersonalGut™ is that customers can for a higher monthly cost achieve the same level of gut health optimization but at a fraction of the calorie intake compared to consuming food,” says Carbiotix CEO, Kristofer Cook.

“Our goal with both services is to optimize gut health as quickly as possible with a personalised diet. Practically this means a high and stable Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index, our own metric to measure gut health. What we have seen is that optimizing gut health is truly a journey that takes at least 4 months for some people and much longer for others, thus patience is needed. It all depends on the individual, their current level of gut health and their potential to improve. Moreover, given that everybody is different, there really is no substitute for a personalized diet updated on a monthly basis, regardless if it is dietary advice or a fiber supplement,” says Carbiotix CTO, Peter Falck.

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