Carbiotix starts 600-person gut health study over 4 months

Dec 12, 2018 Carbiotix starts 600-person gut health study over 4 months

Carbiotix, an award-winning personalized nutrition company focused on consumer gut health solutions and microbiome therapeutics, has started a 600-person gut health study to be conducted over four months. Using the company’s own StudyGut platform launched in October, the final participants were selected and registered from over 3,800 applicants.

“The start of this study is a very significant milestone, as it demonstrates the effectiveness of the StudyGut platform to recruit, select, sign up and manage large study groups, as well as the overall interest in the products and services offered by Carbiotix, including the company’s low cost monthly gut microbiome test and personalized soluble fiber supplement,” says Carbiotix CEO, Kristofer Cook.

The focus of the study will be to look at the impact of increased soluble fiber consumption on gut health, measured by using the company’s Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index or gut health metric. To make the study even more interesting, and to demonstrate the application potential of the StudyGut platform, participants have been divided into four groups: high blood sugar, joint pain, gastrointestinal distress and acne, with three sub-groups consisting of a control, moderate and an elevated dose of soluble fiber.

“The purpose of this study is not to test a new fiber ingredient, as the soluble fiber used in the study has been at market for many years. Rather, we are interested to see the impact of a high-quality soluble fiber on gut health as dosing increases over a long period. Moreover, we want to study how monthly monitoring of gut health impacts participant motivation, interest and general knowledge about the importance of a soluble fiber rich diet on gut health,” says Carbiotix CTO, Dr. Peter Falck.

“The particular study groups selected, and length of the study, have been based on multiple tests of the company’s personalized gut health solution by several hundred persons during 2018. We observed very interesting results from persons who declared that they suffer from different metabolic and chronic conditions, and knew that elevated soluble fiber consumption over four months could potentially induce measurable and statistically significant changes to gut health. This 600-person study will allow us to validate this hypothesis and generate very interesting data for each group in the study. When it comes to the gut microbiome, we are interested to understand what bacteria are present as well as absent, especially when looking at the long-term effects of soluble fiber consumption on gut health,” says, Cook.

The gut health study will be conducted between December 2018 and April 2019 in Sweden. More information about the company can be found at More information about StudyGut can be found at

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