Optimized gut health may forever change employee wellness programs

Mar 23, 2018

Carbiotix, an award-winning spin-off company from the department of biotechnology at Lund University, Sweden focused on optimizing gut health via personalized dietary advice and prebiotics, today announced the official launch of its corporate wellness service called CareGut™. As interest in gut health continues to grow and correlative evidence linking good gut health with a reduced risk of developing many metabolic and chronic diseases becomes stronger, corporate wellness program managers will be looking for affordable solutions that allow employees to improve and even optimize their gut health. CareGut™ is positioned to become a leading gut health solution for employee wellness programs, focused on cost-effectively tracking and optimizing employee gut health.

“Today, no simple biometric for reliably tracking gut health is being offered within employee wellness programs. Such a biometric would allow employees to directly see the impact of dietary and lifestyle changes on their gut microbiome and overall gut health. Carbiotix Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index provides a simple and affordable biometric for employees to track and optimize their gut health and for wellness program managers to monitor overall employee gut health in real-time,” says Carbiotix CEO, Kristofer Cook. “Now employees will be able to see for themselves how a change in their diet or lifestyle is affecting their gut health, with possible implications for their health."

CareGut™ is a flexible, affordable and effective solution for wellness program managers to track and optimize gut health across their organization. Program managers can select which products and services they offer employees and only pay for active employees and the products and services that are used. CareGut™ focuses on prevention and contributing to increased retention, engagement and motivation, three key pillars of any successful wellness program.

“If the link between gut health and human health is as strong as many believe, CareGutTM has the potential to significantly contribute to improved employee wellbeing, a reduction in the number of sick days, increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and an ability to attract and retain top talent, the hopeful outcomes of any wellness program,” says Cook.

The launch of the CareGut™ service follows the recent launch of PersonalGut™, a personalized soluble fiber supplement for optimizing gut health, and LoveGut™, personalized dietary advice for optimizing gut health. Both are key components of the CareGut™ offering.

Further information of the CareGut™ service can be found at https://carbiotix.com/care-gut

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