Optimized gut health could be key in the fight against leading chronic diseases

Nov 15, 2017

Over 80% of adults in the developed world are consuming only 50% of the soluble fiber they should be getting in their diet, resulting in a fiber gap of 3-5g per day for women and men. There is a growing body of research showing a correlation between a lack of soluble fiber in an individuals’ diet, gastrointestinal inflammation, and an increased risk of developing any number of chronic diseases. The award-winning biotechnology start-up Carbiotix based in Lund, Sweden, aims to fill this “fiber gap” by launching the world’s first personalized soluble fiber supplement for gut health.

-The supplement industry will never be the same after the launch of Carbiotix. Filling this fiber gap has always been a challenge and for three reasons: 1) our diets and lifestyles don’t allow us to consume enough fiber, 2) soluble fiber supplements on the market are not optimal, and 3) everyone is different with regards to age, gender, diet, lifestyle, and thus our gut microbiota or flora of bacteria are different. We solve this problem by offering the world’s first personalized soluble fiber supplement that fills the fiber gap of every individual with the optimum amount of fiber based on each persons’ changing gut microbiota, says Carbiotix CEO Kristofer Cook.

Winner of Venture Cup Syd in 2015 and selected by the Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) for having one of the top 10 new supplement ingredients in Europe and the US the same year, Carbiotix spent the past two years commercializing its new soluble fiber ingredient AXOS through an Irish-based company while building its own first-of-its-kind personalized soluble fiber supplement product.

-Our ambition has always been to develop a product that makes soluble fiber consumption imple, affordable and effective for all consumers. We want to take all the guesswork out of selecting the right fiber, determining how much to take, when to take it, and whether it has any effect on the growth of good bacteria in our gut, says Carbiotix CTO, Dr. Peter Falck.

The product is based on a subscription model where users sign up on-line and are sent direct to their mailbox at home: 1) a personalized soluble fiber supplement, 2) a gut bacteria sample kit, and 3) pre-paid return envelopes. Users send a gut-bacteria sample every month to Carbiotix where it is analyzed and the results are presented on-line in the form of an easy to understand Fiber Loving Bacteria (FLB) index. The results are then used to adjust the dosing of the next supplement delivery and the process repeats itself. The cost is 49 EUR or 55 USD per month, excluding shipping costs, and users can cancel at anytime. Carbiotix is also offering a 50% discount on the first month’s subscription fee.

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