Optimize your gut health

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Optimize your gut health with regular testing and personalized dietary advice


Optimize your gut health with regular testing and a personalized prebiotic

Why Care?

Science shows that optimal gut health can improve health and well-being

Fiber gap

  • Many people are consuming up to five times too little soluble fiber per day in their diets
  • Quickly increasing the consumption of soluble fiber can cause serious discomfort for an individual
  • Monitoring gut health improvements is expensive and prone to sampling & outlier error

Health Implications

  • Soluble fiber can reduce gut inflammation which has been correlated to many chronic diseases
  • Soluble fiber addresses the causes of gut health problems and not treating the symptoms
  • Increased soluble fiber consumption is the natural starting point of optimizing gut health and nutrition

Carbiotix Solutions

  • The most affordable test on the market for regularly and reliably monitoring gut health over time
  • Personalized soluble fiber supplements and dietary advice to fill everyone’s unique fiber gap
  • We focus on optimizing host probiotic bacteria and thus realizing true gut health improvements

Corporate Solutions

We provide opportunities for companies to access our gut health solutions


A service that allows companies to carry out explorative gut health studies of new or existing active ingredients across large populations, under real-life conditions and at a fraction of the cost.


A free service that allows companies to gain access to their customer’s gut health data for improved formulations and build brand loyalty, as well as personalize products for each customer.


A service that allows corporate wellness program managers to offer Carbiotix subscription services to their employees and realize the benefits of improving employee gut health.