The Smart Prebiotic concept

In line with our ambition to be a pioneer in microbiome healthcare, Carbiotix has introduced a concept we call the “Smart Prebiotic”. A Smart Prebiotic is a prebiotic ingredient that is upcycled, diversely sourced, customized, effective and validated. The building blocks of our Smart Prebiotic concept are Carbersol, LinkGut and NutraCycle.

Carbersol - A complex soluble fiber

A complex soluble fiber ingredient with complementary prebiotic properties for improved microbiome health.

Customised & effective ingredient

Complementary to other prebiotics

Designed to promote SCFA´s

Carbersol is an upcycled complex soluble fiber ingredient with complementary prebiotic properties and customised to meet specific customer needs. Sourced from a growing list of upcycled materials from the food & beverage industry, Carbersol has been designed to add value to existing and new nutraceutical or cosmetic products containing prebiotics.

Read more about Carbersol or contact us today if you have any questions.

Linkgut - Microbiome testing service

Leading white label microbiome testing service for clinical studies, research projects and business services.

Lowest cost for multiple samples

Highly reliable end-to-end service

Flexible service to meet specific needs service

The LinkGut service has the lowest cost on the market for multiple samples, a highly reliable end-to-end service, and flexible to meet specific customer needs. Originally developed as a cost-effective consumer microbiome testing service, LinkGut is today utilised by customers carrying out clinical studies, research projects and companies offering microbiome health related products and services.

Read more about LinkGut or contact us today if you have any questions.

NutraCycle - Upcycling service

Upcycling service for food & beverage companies to manufacture prebiotics and fortify their own products.

Complete end-to-end support service

Improve the health of your products

Reduce costs and generate revenues

The NutraCycle upcycling service allows food & beverage companies to cost effectively manufacture their own prebiotic ingredients reducing the need for added sugars, texturizers and other additives. These prebiotic ingredients can be used to fortify new and existing more healthy products or be sold off-site, and waste streams will grow in value.

Read more about NutraCycle or contact us today if you have any questions.

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