About us

Carbiotix is an award-winning biotechnology company pioneering microbiome healthcare through a portfolio of microbiome modulators covering prebiotic ingredients, medical foods and therapeutics, along side a range of cost-effective gut health testing services.


Carbiotix was founded in 2014 based on four years of research through the Department of Biotechnology at Lund University and the Antidiabetic Food Centre (AFC) in Lund, Sweden. In 2015, the company’s second-generation soluble fiber AXOS was selected as a top new ingredient by the Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) in Europe and the US. In 2017, Carbiotix began development of its low-cost gut health testing platform and in 2018 launched the platform along with commencing a 300-person gut health study. In 2019, the company began to leverage data from its low-cost gut health testing platform to ramp up development activities in line with its long-term strategy to create microbiome modulators based on its proprietary soluble fiber, isolated strains and novel delivery mechanisms.

Board of Directors

Jonas Danielsson, Chairman

Dr. Peter Falck,

Kristofer Cook

Dr. Gustav Wendel

Christian Månsson


Kristofer Cook, CEO

Dr. Peter Falck, CSO

Henrik Ljung, CFO

Martin Erlandsson, CIO

Stephen Bromley, CTO

Erik Deaner, Head of Sales

Advisory Board

Professor Eva Nordberg Karlsson, Ph.D.

Professor Patrick Adlercreutz, Ph.D.

Michael Cook, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard A. Rosenbloom, M.D., Ph.D

Dr. Jan Marsal, M.D, Ph.D.