B2B gut health testing goes mainstream

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LinkGut open box

For over a decade now, the audience for consumer-focused gut health testing services has evolved from primarily biohackers to individuals suffering from GI related issue and now to everyday consumers. This evolution has followed an increased understanding of the important link between gut health and a range of key biomarkers of health and wellbeing, not to mention immune system integrity. Given the variable and changing nature of an individual’s gut bacteria or microbiome, understanding gut health, the impact of an intervention and improving gut health requires multiple samples over a long period of time. This is only possible for a wide consumer audience if costs continually drop.

LLinkGut is a B2B white label gut health testing service provided by Carbiotix focused on offering the lowest cost per sample, highest reliability, and most flexibility of any service on the market. Users of this service today include companies focused on GI disease management, companies offering prebiotics, probiotics, and other gut health related products, as well as companies offering general health and wellness recommendations. All these companies have one thing in common, they directly saw the benefits of utilising an established global B2B longitudinal gut health testing service in terms of short set-up time, lower cost, high reliability, and branding flexibility, while avoiding the challenges of setting up a similar service themselves.

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