Benefits of using an API for LinkGut Partners

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Carbiotix API

To explain what benefits can be derived from using our API, we first need to ask the question, “What is an API?” API stands for Application Programming Interface. As the name implies, it is a software intermediary that allows communication between applications and is programmable at its core. It is a set of instructions on how one computer system can access functionality and data from another computer system, without human interaction. This might not sound like much, but if used in the right way it can unlock incredibly powerful solutions and possibilities.

The Power! Our thought experiment company

Let’s say we have a system that tries to understand people’s mood patterns. Once a day the user registers his or her mood in the app. With only this input, our system would have a very limited dataset from which to draw any conclusions. But what if we include the power of APIs to extend our system? Let’s pull in a GPS API to locate roughly where the user is and combine this with a weather API. Now we can correlate location patterns and weather data with a person’s mood. We continue to integrate the customer’s food app to see eating patterns and his or her training app where we can fetch exercise information. On top of that we add our LinkGut service to track microbiome data and the effects that has on the mood. Now instead of only comparing our historical mood data, we can correlate mood with food intake, exercise, weather conditions, geographical location, and microbiome data over time.

Benefits of using API for LinkGut partners

We are one cornerstone in this block of API services. We can supply your company with microbiome data from our system directly to your system without human interaction. The reason for us offering our service as an API is to give you as a partner as much data and value as possible with the complete freedom to use it in the best manner for your business. There are no limits in how to use the data and you are in full control. You can programmatically interact with the data, combine data, refine data, report the data back to the customer in any way, shape, or form.

Requires implementation

As mentioned, our API solution is very versatile. But since each implementation of the API is so specific to your system, visions and current solution, there are no cookie cutter, prewritten implementations. You need to write code for both ordering kits and process the results data from those kits.


We strongly believe this is the best way for us to supply our service. Even if it requires effort from our partners to implement the API it gives for very powerful implementations and hopefully enables you as partner to achieve exactly what you’re trying to achieve and to build the maximum value from our service. If you have any thoughts on how you could use our microbiome data in your service, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

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