Carbiotix ramps up prebiotic and technology partner evaluation activities

Mar 13, 2024, 12:00

Carbiotix (publ) ("Carbiotix" or the "Company") announces today that the Company has increased evaluation activities for prebiotics and technology partners. These activities coincide with the recent hiring of Calle Sjöström as Chief Process Engineer (CPE) and Hannah Linander as microbiologist, the market introduction of CarbiAXOS, and the launch of the NutraCycle service. Carbiotix will continue to evaluate new and existing prebiotics for how they fit and complement CarbiAXOS. Furthermore, Carbiotix will also explore production techniques to improve the manufacturing of prebiotic products.

Erik Deaner, CEO of Carbiotix, comments:
The escalation of evaluation activities for prebiotics and technology partners is something that we have been preparing for over the past year. Our development labs in Lund and pilot plant in Bjuv are equipped to effectively evaluate the compatibility of prebiotics with CarbiAXOS and evaluate different materials to produce prebiotics through our NutraCycle service. Although we have evaluated many prebiotics regarding their composition, microbiological validation activities will be intensified with a dedicated microbiologist with the aim of assessing the effectiveness and contribution of different prebiotics and probiotics.

These activities will help identify opportunities to sell CarbiAXOS as a prebiotic ingredient in new consumer products or added to an existing product. The complex nature of CarbiAXOS lends itself well to many functional food, dietary supplement and cosmetic applications due to its potential synergistic effect with other leading prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics available on the market. Thus, Carbiotix will primarily position CarbiAXOS as a complex soluble fiber that can be customized for specific applications and offers both effective and complementary prebiotic properties. This positioning strategy is fundamentally less confrontational, builds on CarbiAXOS's strengths, enables Carbiotix to collaborate with many leading modulator suppliers, and leads to many more business opportunities.

The NutraCycle service enables Carbiotix to access and increase the production of many new prebiotics. To ensure the most efficient process is designed, Carbiotix has begun increasing evaluation activities of third-party technologies that will assist in the production of effective prebiotic products and increase yields. Carbiotix has, through our CSO and new Chief of Process Engineer, started two evaluation projects with a Nordic and an American technology supplier. Both companies offer process technologies that complement Carbiotix's IP and trade secrets, and thus have the potential to further increase the competitiveness of Carbiotix's core technology in the production of effective prebiotic modulators.

We both welcome and encourage developers and suppliers of prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and various process technologies to contact Carbiotix. This collaborative strategy is already bearing fruit and should lead to many mutually beneficial business opportunities and strengthen each partner's market position.”

Forward-looking statements
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