Carbiotix rebrands prebiotic ingredient CarbiAXOS to Carbersol

Mar 20, 2024, 12:05

Carbiotix (publ) ("Carbiotix" or the "Company") announces today that the Company has decided to rebrand its prebiotic ingredient CarbiAXOS to Carbersol. This rebranding decision aims to better reflect current and future prebiotic products that Carbiotix will focus on, in addition to accelerating time to market for different prebiotic products. Carbiotix will update its website in the coming days to reflect this change as well as other recent news.

Erik Deaner, CEO of Carbiotix, comments:
“The decision to rebrand our prebiotic ingredient CarbiAXOS to Carbersol at this time is very logical. Instead of focusing on only one part of our prebiotics, for example the presence of AXOS, we are now going to promote their complexity. This complexity is based on; 1) the diversity of prebiotic molecules in Carbersol products, thus their broad potential prebiotic effect, and 2) the fact that they are derived from different substrates such as corn, oats, pea and similar substrates, and thus can be blended for an optimised effect.

Carbersol complexity offers additional benefits when manufactured by our NutraCycle customers as it has the potential to reduce the need for added sugars and can positively change the texture in addition to its prebiotic effect. This aspect is something that many food & beverage companies will find very appealing. Overall, Carbersol is a complex soluble fiber with unique and broad prebiotic properties that is complementary to other prebiotics and probiotics at market and thus highly suitable for blending with existing and new products. It is thus important to make this name change now before we ramp up marketing activities globally and establish a recognised brand.

Our focus on Carbersol as a complex soluble fiber will also accelerate the time to market for Carbersol products that are similar with soluble fiber products already existing on the market prior to any regulatory requirements. This practically means that we will be able to accelerate the launch of some Carbersol products in both Europe and the US, hence our interest to already promote Carbersol at VitaFoods Europe in May.

Since our focus will be on optimising the overall prebiotic effect of Carbersol for customers, we are also much less concerned about the extraction and isolation of specific prebiotic molecules such as AXOS, which may or may not be present in a customer Carbersol product. The rebranding does not affect our recent GRAS approval in the US. Rather, we will leverage the approval to demonstrate the safety of our products and accelerate GRAS and other regulatory approvals in cases where Carbersol products will require regulatory approval.

Carbiotix will update its website in the coming days to reflect this rebranding and expanded service portfolio including NutraCycle. The Company will also update all marketing related materials to reflect this update in preparation for the tradeshows that will be attended in 2024 as well as for other marketing and sales related activities. Overall, I am very excited about this rebranding decision as it will provide greater flexibility and open many more business opportunities going forward."

Forward-looking statements
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