Carbiotix commences NutraCycle pilot study with leading US food & beverage producer

Apr 04, 2024, 11:00

Carbiotix (publ) ("Carbiotix" or the "Company") announces today that the Company has commenced a pilot study with the same leading US food & beverage producer mentioned in a March 6th press release. The pilot study is the second step in the NutraCycle Pre-Study and commences only after a successful laboratory study. In this case, the laboratory study verified both a viable process and upcycled Carbersol prebiotic ingredient that also has the potential to replace sugars, texturizers and provide other health benefits. The pilot study will validate the process and Carbersol prebiotic ingredient developed at pilot-scale and will be carried out over the next two months with the goal of entering the NutraCycle Joint Development phase.

Erik Deaner, CEO of Carbiotix, comments:
“I am very happy to announce that Carbiotix has commenced the pilot study step of the NutraCycle PreStudy with a leading US food & beverage producer. The company in question, mentioned in a press release on the 6th of March, has a turnover exceeding 2 billion USD and is a leader in their respective segment both in terms of geographic presence and market share. The NutraCycle service can however be leveraged by all food & beverage and ingredient producers globally that process plant-based raw materials and generate side stream products that could be upcycled into prebiotic ingredients.

The benefits of the NutraCycle service for food & beverage and ingredient companies are severalfold. It is a relatively low cost and low risk approach to generating new revenue streams and achieving higher pricing power for existing products. For example, it is an opportunity to upcycle side stream products into high value Carbersol prebiotics that can be used to fortify existing products, develop new products, and be sold as an ingredient, as well increase the relative protein content and value of residuals. These Carbersol prebiotics can also reduce the need for added sugars and texturizers and in some cases provide additional health benefits.

The pilot study is the second step in the NutraCycle Pre-Study to determine if a side-stream product can be upcycled into a prebiotic that can be primarily utilized in the fortification of new and existing products. The pilot study only commences upon the completion of a successful laboratory study, with both steps completed typically over a 3-month period. Successful Pre-Studies lead to NutraCycle Joint Development Agreements between Carbiotix and a plant-based food & beverage or ingredient producer. At this stage, Carbiotix provides support with regards to process design - based upon Carbiotix IP and trade secret, product formulation and development, scientific validation and regulations, and technology partner building. Once a Carbersol process has been built, Carbiotix provides continued support with regards to operations, process optimization, product development and customer leads through a royalty and service agreement.

I look forward to completing the pilot study step of the NutraCycle Pre-Study and potentially commencing with the Joint Development Phase in the coming months. This rapid development is testimony of both the interest and potential of the NutraCycle service. There are many plant-based based food & beverage and ingredient manufactures in the world who could benefit from the NutraCycle service, and we will continue to ramp up on-line and in-person marketing activities during 2024 to showcase this.”

This is information that Carbiotix AB is obliged to make public according to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). The information was made publicly available by the Company’s contact person set out below on 4 April 2024.

Forward-looking statements
This communication contains forward-looking statements, consisting of subjective assumptions and forecasts for future scenarios. Predictions for the future only apply as of the date they are made and are, by their nature, as is research and development work in the biotechnology segment, associated with risk and uncertainty. With this in mind, the actual outcome may deviate significantly from the scenarios as described in this press release.

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