Carbiotix presents two new Board candidates and changes AGM date

Mar 07, 2023, 08:45

Carbiotix (publ) ("Carbiotix" or "Company") Election Committee presents two new Board candidates, Geir Harstad and Jörgen Kamph. Together they offer extensive experience from the nutraceutical, medical nutrition and food industries, having held leadership positions with a strong focus on sales and business development. To accommodate for the suggested new Board members, the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is changed to the 2nd of June 2023.

Kristofer Cook, CEO of Carbiotix, comments
"I am very happy to introduce Geir Harstad and Jörgen Kamph as two new Board candidates. Geir is a senior executive with over 20 years of international experience from the FMCG, life science, nutrition, and food ingredients industries, holding positions in global blue-chip, mid-sized and start-up companies. He has a proven expertise in general management, strategy, marketing, sales, business development and M&A. Geir has worked with NBTY, Nestle Healthcare, Novartis Medical Nutrition / Consumer Health, and Procter & Gamble at various points in his career, most recently serving as CEO of Smartfish. Jörgen has also track record of holding successful senior executive positions with a focus on marketing and sales. Most recently Jörgen was head of commercial activities for Tremsums Food and in the past has worked as Head of Marketing Services & Sales Support and Business Development for Tetra Pak.

As the proposed Chairman for Carbiotix, it is my ambition to build a board consisting of persons that can add as much value as possible at the current stage of the company’s development and support the successful fulfilment of our milestones going forward. I am confident that both Geir and Jörgen will bring not only key knowledge and experience to the table as we ramp up sales and business development activities but their hands on approach and level of interest in Carbiotixs mission will help us accelerate activities across all business areas. From my perspective, Geir and Jörgen will be extremely complementary to our current Board holding key engineering and medical knowledge.

We have also decided to move the date of the 2023 AGM to the 2nd of June in order to accommodate for the scheduling and prior commitments of Geir and Jörgen. The adjustment should not negatively impact any company activities going forward and future AGM dates will remain in April as in the past.”

Forward-looking statements
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