Carbersol - an innovation in prebiotics

Carbersol is an upcycled complex soluble fiber ingredient containing AXOS (arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides) with complementary prebiotic properties and customised to meet specific customer needs. Sourced from a growing list of upcycled materials from the food & beverage industry, Carbersol has been designed to add value to existing and new nutraceutical or cosmetic products containing prebiotics.

Developed to enhance Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) production, Carbersol offers a high bifidogenic effect, low viscosity, and unobtrusive taste, odor, and color, thus represents a significant advancement in nutritional science.

The most effective Carbersol ingredient

Upcycled for sustainability

Carbersol is upcycled from side-stream products from the plant-based food and beverage industry through our NutraCycle service. Not only more cost effective to produce, upcycled Carbersol is produced at the source of the side-stream product ensuring a low carbon footprint. This is a more sustainable upcycling model and allows for a diversity of Carbersol products.

Carbersol ingredient solution that meets your needs

Harnessing complexity

Carbersol has been designed as a complex soluble fiber containing a diversity of prebiotic molecules including AXOS (arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides). This helps ensure that Carbersol has a prebiotic effect on the widest possible population of users. Complexity is also derived from the sourcing of Carbersol from different plant-based materials, also contributing to a higher prebiotic effect.

Carbersol is flexible

Complementary design

Carbersol has also been designed to be complementary with other prebiotics on the market, making it ideal for blends. This allows Carbersol to be easily added to existing nutraceutical and cosmetic products containing prebiotics or products under development. Carbersol is also complementary with probiotics and therapeutics, making it an ideal ingredient for synbiotics and as an adjuvant.

Summary of key features across Carbersol products

Customized to meet specific needs

Validated to ensure efficacy

Complementary with other prebiotics

Elevates the production of SCFAs

Low viscosity

High solubility & blends well

Mild to neutral taste, odor and color
Bowl of Prebiotic Fibre
Well tolerated in high doses

Low dose, high effect

Plant based and non-GMO

Based on upcycled materials

Heat resistant

Allergen and gluten free

Nutraceutical and cosmetic applications

Enhancing nutraceutical and cosmetic products

Carbersol can be used in a wide range of nutraceutical and cosmetic applications where you want to achieve a high bifidogenic effect with a minimal impact on taste, odor, color or texture. With a low viscosity and high solubility, incorporating Carbersol is simple and straight forward.

Carbersol nutraceutical ingredient

Flexible nutraceutical integration

Your Carbersol nutraceutical ingredient can be used alone, blended with other prebiotics or probiotics, or used as an adjuvant with medical foods or therapeutics to improve pharmacokinetics and address GI related side effects. Whatever nutraceutical application you decide, we will help you find the best Carbersol ingredient for your needs.

A versatile cosmetic ingredient

Your Carbersol cosmetic ingredient can be used alone, blended with other prebiotics or probiotics, or used as an adjuvant with therapeutics to improve a desired effect. Whatever cosmetic application you decide, whether it be wash on or wash off, we will help you find the best Carbersol ingredient.

Why should you choose Carbersol?

By choosing Carbersol, you will be choosing an effective prebiotic from a reliable supplier that has been designed to meet the demands of your specific application. This will ensure that your product will always deliver the most value for your customers.

Effective Carbersol ingredient

Effective and validated

We always strive to offer the most effective Carbersol ingredient. This is done by first screening our library of Carbersol ingredients based on your desired effect which may result in an off-the-self solution or an ingredient that is customized. This level of customization is today unique however will ensure that your desired effect is achieved and even validated.

Carbersol ingredient can

A reliable supply

Once we have identified a Carbersol ingredient solution that meets your needs, we will ensure that a reliable supply is put in place so that you are never left unable to produce your product. This includes having in place contingency solutions and close customer contact. In so doing, we operate as not only a supplier but also a long-term development partner.

Flexible to meet your needs

Flexible to meet your needs

Carbersol is flexible and can be used in a wide range of nutraceutical and cosmetic applications, either alone, blended with other prebiotics or probiotic ingredients, or used as an adjuvant with medical foods or therapeutics to improve pharmacokinetics. We will help you find the best Carbersol ingredient for your specific application.

Customized prebiotic for better health

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