The benefits of becoming a LinkGut partner

Being a LinkGut partner gives you access to the lowest cost, most reliable and flexible gut health testing service on the market for companies interested in offering gut health or microbiome test to their customers. A LinkGut partnership enables you to offer your own microbiome test without having to worry about building your own testing infrastructure and dealing with the challenges that go along with offering a competitive consumer test. Thus, you can focus on data analysis and interpretation, and using the test results to build loyalty, improve and personalize products and services, and ultimately increase sales.

Low cost

LinkGut partners are offered the lowest cost per sample on the market. Moreover, since we offer the LinkGut service to support our core prebiotic business, we will continue to reduce costs over time, always maintaining this cost leadership position. Over and above this, there is no cost to either set-up or provide the service, since consumers pay for the tests they order. This simplifies the decision to become a LinkGut partner and discover its benefits.


The low-cost of the LinkGut service allows for single or multiple samples to be collected and analyzed. Multiple sampling helps increase the reliability of the results and enables longitudinal data collection. This in turn serves to improve the rigor of tracking capabilities and the understanding of the impact of different dietary and lifestyle interventions. Single sampling can be used to provide a snapshot of a customer’s microbiome health. On top of this, our global logistic network ensures fast and reliable delivery.


As a white label service, a LinkGut partnership offers the most flexibility of any microbiome test on the market. You can choose between NGS or PCR tests, one, three or six samples per sample kit, single or pooled sample analysis, and standardized or customized kit inserts to fit your brand and needs. Moreover, the API integration ensures a quick and flexible rollout. As a result, you get the service you want and can modify it at any time, allowing you to always meet you customers’ needs.

Why our LinkGut service should be your first choice?

Easy to launch

No cost for setting up

High quality service

Lowest cost on the market

You interpret the data and give the recommendations

API intergration

The LinkGut analysis options

We take pride in our flexibility to acommodate different kit sizes (1, 3, 6 samples) and type of analysis to best fit your brand. Here are the different analyses and sample methods that we offer. If you have another request, we are always happy to discuss this with you and see if we can accommodate. You can choose between NGS or targeted PCR tests; one, three or six samples per sample kit; single or pooled samples.

Targeted PCR

With targeted PCR you have the option to target one or several targets. Besides performing routine analysis on the 16S bacterial region, we have a raft of assays targeting a variety of 'housekeeping' genes known to play a beneficial role in good microbiome health. If these do not suit your needs, in-house capabilities will design primer sets specific for your area of interest.


For the NGS analysis, we offer 16S V4; V3-V4. Our general offer is an analysis with a minimum of 20,000 or 100,000 reads. But as with most of our offers, we always try to be accommodating if you have other needs.

Single or pooled samples

For multiple samples, we offer pooled or non-pooled analyses. Pooling means that we analyze the samples together, and in that way, get an average of all the samples. This is valuable, for example, if you want your customer to take samples over a one-week period to get the average for that given week. We can also analyze the samples individually (single sample). For example, if you want to validate an intervention, you can take one sample on days 0, 15 and 30 to determine the upregulation of certain markers.

The LinkGut shipping options

Speed of delivery is of the essence for your customers user experience to be as smooth as possible. Consequently, we ship your order no later than the following business day from receiving the order. To further speed up the process, our global courier shipping partners deliver the kits 2-4 business days from ordering. Our ambition is to have a turnaround time of 30 days from ordering the kit to delivering the results to you.


Single kit shipment back and forth

Our premium offer is when we take care of all the logistics of sending the kit to and from your customer. The kit has a prepaid shipping box included, with all the necessary return documentation and instructions on how to return the kit to us. This offer means the least work for you. All you have to do after the order is placed is wait until we serve you the data through the API and partner portal.


Bulk shipment both ways

With bulk shipment both ways we send a certain number of kits to you, and you or a third-party logistics center distribute them to your customers. The customer then returns the kit to you or the third-party logistics center, and you or the third party logistic center send the samples back to us. This is the most cost-efficient way of shipping, appropriate for businesses that work with studies and know when the kits will be distributed and returned, or if you just want to keep costs down.

How does the LinkGut service work?

LinkGut allows you to offer your own microbiome test without having to worry about building your own testing infrastructure and dealing with the challenges that go along with offering a competitive consumer microbiome test. Thus, you can focus on data analysis and interpretation, and using the test results to build loyalty, improve and personalize products and services, and ultimately increase sales.


At no added cost, we help your company customize your sample kit. Whether it's branding, number of vials, or sampling device, we arrange it to fit your demands and criteria. You place orders and access data directly from your system via our API or partner portal. Our API and partner portal are easy to use, test friendly and well documented.

Customer places the order

When a customer places an order on your company website or application, through the API and partner portal, the sample kit will be sent out no later than the following business day. With our global logistic network, your customer will have the kit within 2-4 business days after the order has been placed. When your customer has collected their samples, he or she then sends them back to us.

We receive the samples

Upon receiving the samples, our qualified lab personnel analyzes them and make the results available via the API and partner portal within 2-3 weeks. Then you do what you are good at: interpreting the data and giving feedback to your customer.

Included in the package

These are the general possibilities and opportunities with the customization of the kit and its different options. But since one of our core beliefs is that flexibility is essential to our service, we love thinking outside the box (no pun intended), so if you have other ideas or requests don't hesitate to discuss them with us.

Information leaflet and inserts

Prepaid return shipping box

Sample collection tubes

Sample swab
Stool sample collector

Zip lock bag

Padded return envelope

Professional product pictures

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