LinkGut™ is a service that allows food & beverage and supplement companies to build greater brand loyalty and increase sales by offering cost-effective gut health tracking services to their customers.

What you get

  • A no-cost seamless extension of your website where customers can sign-up and track their gut health
  • A platform to promote your gut health products to customers linking actual products to gut health science
  • A platform to see anonymous customer gut health data and other demographic information shared by your customers


  • Demonstrates a commitment to gut health and the emerging microbiome area
  • Helps build brand loyalty via customers voluntarily sharing anonymous gut health data with the expectation that products will be better formulated
  • Helps with the formulation of better products utilizing real-time gut health data and key demographic information from actual customers
  • Assists with the promotion of existing and new gut health products, allowing customers to find the best product fit and increase their consumption based on actual needs
  • Regular monitoring allows customers to see the impact of a company’s products on their gut health
  • Ability to earn money on each kit sold as means to cover related costs, thus making the service a net profit generator