Thomas Gurry, CEO, Myota

“We found that the LinkGut service provided a very cost effective and reliable testing solution for our customers to validate the effects of our products. We see this as a key component for building brand loyalty over time.”

Thomas Gurry, CEO


Myota is a service offered by Myota Health based in the United Kingdom focused on patented dietary fibre blends.


Myota was selling their patented dietary fibre blends tailored to optimise different health goals, and customers were feeling benefits from consuming the dietary fibres. But Myota wanted to take it one step further, not only to offer prebiotics but to also educate their customers with a Microbiome test to validate the effects from their blends, and to build brand loyalty. When working with consumers, turnaround times needed to be short to keep customers engaged and at the same time cost efficient.


When implementing the LinkGut service, Myota could start helping customers gain a better understanding of their Microbiome and the role different bacteria play. Since there was no minimum order quantity and the cost per sample was low, implementing and getting started was easy and risk free.


Microbiome kits are being sold every day and with the results they can provide better guidance in personalised ways to improve the customers’ health. Because the LinkGut service works to validate the effects their dietary fibre blends have on the customers’ gut, Myota has also seen a higher likelihood of customers staying with them for a longer period.

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Who: Thomas Gurry, CEO

Industry: Dietary fibre

Favourite functions:

  • Low cost
  • Validation
  • Turnaround times
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