Company focused on gut health released diseases, based in North America

Company focused on gut health released diseases, based in North America

“Located in North America and with global ambitions, we were looking for a microbiome analysis service that could meet our information logistical needs, was flexible, dependable and scalable. LinkGut satisfied all these requirements”

Paul, Head of Operations


Our company builds innovative products focused on gut health and we combine artificial intelligence (AI) and microbiome data to offer personalized recommendations to our users.


The company initially offered customers ways to understand gut health conditions such as IBD, IBS and Crohn’s by tracking bowel movement, food intake, sleep and other lifestyle factors. The next natural step – being able to provide more personalised insights into every individual’s condition – was to offer gut microbiome tests and make this part of their unique artificial intelligence (AI).


From the start, the company hade many innovative ideas and inputs to modify the kits, analysis, and shipping methods. With the whole LinkGut service built to be flexible, it could be adapted to the requirements they needed. Carbiotix delivered the FASTQ files that are in the partner portal. This made it easy to be implemented into their own AI solution and to incorporate all the other data they were obtaining.


Some of the ideas and modifications that the company came up with during implementation of the LinkGut service have now become standard in the Carbiotix offering. This shows the adaptability and flexibility of the LinkGut service. With the microbiome data, the company could add another dimension to their artificial intelligence (AI) and service, validating and increasing reliability for their customers.

Who: Paul, Head of Operations

Industry: Gut health released diseases

Favourite functions

  • Great Customer Service
  • Flexible
  • Partner Portal
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